Saturday, 15 June 2013

My First Drawstring Bag - I Love It!

I have a very old apple tree in my garden however it still manages to produce a few apples each year, good to eat but even better in pies.  However my favourite bit is the blossom, I love the pinky shades it produces every year.

So when I found this lovely bit of embroidery in one of my favourite Highland antique shops I had to have it.  It was a small tray cloth with stylised flowers on each corner but what caught my eye was the colours, lovely shades of pinks. It was not sewn on the usual linen but instead a soft cotton so not really suitable for a cushion.  So I thought I would have a go at a drawstring bag.  

I had already looked at a number of patterns but none were quite what I wanted so it I had a go at producing something to my own design.  I wanted a cuff at the top so I got a bit of a frill when the bag was closed plus a neat finish around the top of the bag on the inside. 

The final version is very pretty but it took some time as I had to rework the top so this ones a keeper!  

Having now been through the process I have worked out how to do it, giving me the finish I want but taking less time.  Now to hunt through my fabric stash and look for some suitable embroidery and fabrics so I can make some more.  So watch this space for news on my new range of drawstring bags which I hope to add to my collection in the next few weeks!  

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Love My Work Table

My new sewing machine is going well.  It's slower than a full size one and I wouldn't want to make curtains on it but for the short lengths of stitching that I do most of the time it's ideal.  It has a large foot but being clear plastic its easy to see what you are doing, great for when you need to stop stitching at corners etc.  Also the spool is drop in and has a clear cover so you don't get caught out when the thread runs out!

My other great buy is a cake stand from  I was looking for something to store my reels of ribbon and this has proved to be ideal.  

So having set up my worktable in the conservatory I have a great place to work with a lovely view of my garden.  That is what I call inspiration!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lovely Auriculas!

I have always loved auriculas (a type of fancy primrose) and longed to have an auricula theatre to display them.  

However given this is not practical (!) I bought a lovely metal stand a few years ago in the wild hope I would have enough plants to fill it one day.  

Well that day has arrived and despite the dreadful weather enough plants have survived to fill it.  I am especially pleased as I propagated a lot of them from a small number of original plants.   

Not only did they survive to produce good healthy plants it looks like they are also going to flower.   So this year I am going to be very organised and make sure I take a photo of each one so if I am tempted to buy any more I will know what colours to avoid!